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This page updated on December 6, 2011.

Prayer requests:

Please pray in work teams for 2012. Call us to reserve your week.  We are in need of groups for the entire year!  Make us work!  See us sweat!  Let’s finish the cafeteria!!  Call now to take your vacation with a purpose for 2012 at 915-764-2688 or email us at workgroups@tapestriesoflife.com

For the Mexican government to help build the cafeteria and to provide the electrical work needed

Speaking engagements for Pastor Steve for  2012

Pray for continued peace in the entire area.

Pray for monthly supporters and partnerships to keep the ministry and work moving forward.

Pray that the “Hire a Mexican Worker” campaign keeps growing until the children come home!

For health, strength, and stamina for the TLM Staff

Thank you for standing with us and praying for the safety of Guadalupe.  Your prayers have been answered.  The violence has ceased.  However,  the financial and social impact caused by the violence is great.  Please pray for vitality in Guadalupe and surrounding areas.

THANK YOU!  We love you and deeply appreciate your prayers!

Tapestries of Life Staff

We are in need of building supplies too.  Please view our needs at:

Building Supplies needed