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You have been blessed to BE a blessing.

( Proverbs 14:21 ) … whoever shows kindness to the poor will be happy.
( Proverbs 19:17 ) Kindness to the poor is a loan to the Lord, and He will reward to the lender.

Our teams that come for the week need to see the importance of this day in the construction of the orphanage. So please prepare for it in advance. If you need to have fund raisers please do so. You should be planning for a whole year before your week is here. Each group brings their own mercy ministry money. Your giving outlasts your stay with us as we continue to provide to the people of Mexico long after you have left us. We not only provide the food on Wednesday, but we provide medicine, medical attention, and other mercy ministry needs throughout the year. Count on God to do exceedingly, abundantly more than you can ever ask or imagine. Amen? Amen!

The minimum food allowance is ~ $2,500.00 in order to purchase food for 250 families. THAT IS ONLY $10.00 A FAMILY BAG! Each family has about 3-5 children or more.  Keep in mind prices go up and down, but we do our best to be good stewards no matter what.  Pray, stretch yourselves and stay firm in the understanding that God will provide!  Thank you Family!

If your group wants to bring items. please feel free to do so. For a list of items, click here:

Mercy Ministry

Also, as these items come in over the year from folks that are not part of a Work Team, we store them until we have enough of that item be able to give out for 250. When we have, enough we will include those things also on our mercy day.

We purchase these items in the USA at Sam’s Club. Then On Tuesday, we break it down into 250 Bags.

• 750 pounds of Rice
• 750 pounds of Pinto Beans
• Ziploc Bags
• Plastic “Thank You” Bags for clothing and other items.  Also used as “kids” bags that hold bananas, cookies and other items for the kids.

(The price of these items alone is approx. $700.00)

This will make up 250 bags / 3lbs each- of rice and pinto beans

If there are other items that need to be sorted, bags to be sewn etc., We work on it on Monday and Tuesday in preparation for Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, we purchase food for 250 families at the grocery store in Mexico! This is just the minimum! We can do MORE but only if we/you bring more…. DO NOT LIMIT GOD! He wants you to believe Him for a Miracle! He wants to multiply it through you for His dearly beloved people!

• 250 Eggs the 18 count or if there is a sale, we will buy the 30 count.
• 250 Packs of Butter
• 250 Packs of 5 Hot Dogs (chicken)
• 250 Packs of Cheese ~ 3 pounds each
• 250 Packs of Chorizo
• 250 Rolls of Toilet Tissue
• 250 Packs of Carrots
• 6 Sacks of Onions
• 2 Sacks of Jalapenos
• 10 Cases of Lettuce
• 7 Cases of Tomatoes
• 7 Cases of Bananas
• 750 Yogurt Drinks
• 500 Big Cookies
• 1000 Bread Rolls

If you bring more funds we will add:
Oil ~ Sugar ~ Salt ~ Seasoning (they like) ~ More Fruit ~Milk ~ Laundry Soap ~ whatever we can!

All this food is loaded onto our 15-foot trailer and off we go to our/your church in Mexico to feed Our Family in Jesus! All receive an enormous blessing of watching sad faces turn into huge smiles. How awesome is that!

The testimonies are the same from these dear folks. They tell me repeatedly. “I didn’t even have one pinto bean in my home today, Thank you for coming. My children will eat today and for many days ahead!”

In HIS fields,

Cathy Brewer