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Not only are we building an orphanage to rescue hundreds of children off the streets, but we also feed families in some of the poorest communities in Mexico. Many of these people live in extreme poverty. On our “Mercy Ministry” days, people line up for hours to get food so they can feed their family. And because of your giving, children walk away with a smile on their faces.

Over the years, we have seen huge changes in the poverty-stricken areas of Anapra and now Loma Blanca. We are seeing the cardboard homes slowly disappear. Because of the food and school supplies we give them, they are able to buy block and windows for their homes. Our giving literally helps them improve their lives.

Thanks to the thousands that have sacrificed over the years, We are making a huge difference in our world TODAY!


But family the work is not done. So, until Jesus comes for us, we will keep on keeping on like Jesus.

John 14:12
I assure you: The one who believes in Me will also do the works that I do. And will do greater works than these, because I Am going to My father.

These are the everyday needs we would love to supply our families with.

• New Bibles in Spanish all types. (We like to have old & new testaments together)

• New Clothing all sizes ~ male & female ~ Summer & winter ~

• New Shoes all sizes ~ male & female ~ Summer & winter

• New Socks and Under garments all sizes ~ male & female

• Backpacks Check list on Campaign fill a Backpack

• Blankets all sizes ~ new, homemade or in great used condition

• Clothes Line & Clothes Pins

• Umbrellas (new or good used)

•New toys for Christmas ~ all kinds’ of fun-stuff for all ages!

NO toys that represent magic or witchcraft.

• Everyday kid stuff-coloring books, crayons, water paints, children’s books in Spanish, balls, etc. Think of the toys children used to play with before Nintendo and computer games.

• New hygiene products of all kinds ~ some groups make-up beautiful, gallon size, zip-locked bags stuffed with awesome goodies. Just ask you’re self, what does my family need to keep clean?

• Sewing Bags ~ a sandwich size zip-lock bags, filled with needles, threads, a tumble, safety pins, etc.

• Some groups have sewn sling-like baby holders.

• Grocery Bags (see the Minnesota web-site for directions)

• Homemade Quilts

These are just a few ideas. If you think of more, let us know. Thanks soooo much for praying, caring and sharing. May the Lord bless you with your heart’s desires and bless you one-hundred fold!