Not only are we building an orphanage to rescue hundreds of children off the streets, but we also feed, clothe, and supply basic needs to families in some of the poorest communities in Mexico because the children are hungry NOW. Many of these people live in extreme poverty. On our “Mercy Ministry” days, we purchase food for 300 families that will last up to a week. 100's of people line up for hours to get food so they can feed their family. Because of your giving, children walk away with a smile on their faces. But, often times, 100's of extra families show up in hopes to receive even a bag of rice, but are only turned away hungry. The need is great, but we are undeterred. Over the years, we have seen huge changes in the poverty-stricken areas. We are seeing the cardboard homes slowly disappear because of the food & basic supplies we give. Our giving literally helps them improve their lives.



  • Toiletries

    New tooth brushes, tooth paste, floss, soap, feminine napkins, diapers, adult diapers.

  • Food

    Money for food. We purchase all the food in Mexico to help support their economy.

  • Toys

    New toys that you would gift to your own children. Christmas time is a great time for toy donations.

  • School supplies

    New backpacks, new school supplies, new coloring books, and children books in Spanish.

  • Miscellaneous

    Umbrellas, clothesline, adult diapers, eyeglasses, hair ribbons, barrettes, band-aids, first aid kits.

  • Bibles

    Adult and children's Bibles in Spanish.


We accept BRAND NEW toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, bar soap, clothesline, umbrellas, winter coats, hats, mittens, baby clothes, new shoes, new socks, new Christmas toys, blankets, new backpacks filled with new school supplies, new children's books in Spanish, ribbons, bows, barrettes, feminine napkins, adult diapers, eyeglasses, band-aids Spanish Bibles. All quantities must be 300 or more. This is by no means an exhausted list. If you have items that are not on our list, please contact us for consideration. If you are sending donations for your workgroup to hand out on your Mercy Ministry Day, please ship your new donation items to us via UPS prior to your visit, and we will hold on to them until you arrive. If you are not part of a workgroup and want to send donations, please simply ship the items to us via UPS. Visit our home page for our shipping address. (Located at bottom of page)
Shipping address