We need your help! Book your work week today by calling us at 915-764-2688.

We have been able to build this million dollar campus only due to the generous donations of people just like you. All of the building has been built with volunteer labor and the donations of building supplies. If you would like to be a part of the solution by donating building supplies we would deeply appreciate it. Please call us at: 915-764-2688 or email us at: tapestriesinfo@tapestriesoflife.com to make arrangements.

The children of Mexico thank you for building them a home.

Immediate Help is Needed!! (Numbers are estimated)

  • For the cafeteria, concrete for footings-$10,000  DONE PRAISE GOD!!

  • For the cafeteria, concrete for the floor-$40,000

  • For the dorm rooms, light fixtures-$5,000

  • For the dorm, ceiling fans-$3,000

  • For the dorm, toilet partitions-$12,000

  • For the dorm, hallways/offices, suspended ceiling-$7,500

  • For the dorm, laundry room, commercial washers/dryers-$ ?

  • For the vanities, sinks and mirrors-$8,000

  • For the drinking fountains-$3,000-4,000

  • For lumber & paint to finish closets & shelves in bedrooms-$1,200

  • For the attic insulation-$3,000

  • For the Public Address system-$4,000

  • For supplies for the tile work in the dorm-$1,800

  • For the elevator to be donated

**Remainder needed for the water system-Estimated at $60,000**

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