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Coffee with Cathy-Vol 5

January 2011

Dear Family,

We hope you are so blessed.  We pray your cup is well pressed down, shaken together, running over and you are sipping from your saucer!  Thank you for your undying, faithful love towards Tapestries!  I pray you’ll be blessed by this event that I would like to share with you.

I just had finished the series of DVD’s entitled, “I Will Restore” by Pastor Charles Nieman, from Abundant Living Faith Center.  (I highly recommend this series, to order:  alfc.com)  As I was looking at the cover of the DVD’s, there is a picture of a barren black desert with a beautiful red rose springing forth from the emptiness.  It is quite intriguing and poetic.  As I was reflecting on this picture, the Lord reminded me of the day when…

There were two sisters in the Lord that were seeking me out this one particular day.  There was another desperate need in the out-skirts of Juarez, that needed hope and mercy asap!  As we drove into Mexico they quickly filled me in about the dilemma.

There was a portion of land where over 300 families were living on. There was one man who purchased the land from another man, (who was as evil as he was).  This man had told the families that he was going to burn their homes down if they didn’t get off his property!  First of all, they didn’t believe it was his land to begin with.  How could a man be so full of venom of hatred toward mankind.  Who could do such a horrible and devastatingf thing to families living in cardboard and pallet homes living in the harsh barren desert.  I also remembered it was winter time, trying to warm my already blue hands.

Unbelievably, the man did it!  He torched their sparse homes.  The families tried to save their possessions as much as they could.  Many only escaped with their lives.  The uprise was great!  Worse yet the news later reported: the man who sold the land, it was not his to sell!  The people stormed the International Bridge.  They blocked it.  No one was leaving or coming in for days.  The thousands of people were literally sleeping on the bridge!  Where could they go?  The protest was unfruitful.  The Mexican Military came in with their force.  The people dispersed.

Good folks doing no wrong had to find shelter.  This is not the early 1800’s or 1900’s, its the 2000’s.  We found hundreds of people trying to survive in empty buses, cars, and even empty semitrailers.  I was outraged!  I am so sick and tired of the enemy’s tactics.  I’ve been working with poverty for many years…this was sorrow beyond sorrow!

Prayer; for me is a real conversation, “Father, what the heck is going on, please help us Jesus! Let Tapestries of Life bring Your Hope, Joy & Love! Father, we need Miracles, not One but Thousands!”

We walked among the people.  I left the group and walked alone and found a young mom weeping in her little wooden pallet home.  She explained her heart breaks.  I listened to her as our nearness was that of best-friends.  In my twenty plus years ministering in poverty, I’ve heard the thousands of heartaches before, but something was striking about her.  As we held each others hands, hers as cold as mine, she talked about her relationship with our Lord Jesus!  She had been attending church for awhile.  She was learning all the wonderful things in the Bible!  She was my/our sister!

The Holy Spirit spoke ever so softly….”remember the rose?”  I said, “of course”, He said, “tell her what I taught you!  (For our TLM vets you probably remember me sharing this many years ago.  So, bare with me as we have new folks that have come on board.)  I asked her to close her eyes.  Imagine a sunset…can you see it?  Imagine the first sight of your child…can you see and hear him/her?  It’s spring time and the flowers are blooming…can you smell the rose?

Within seconds her downcast face started to smile…the tears vanished and she looked at me with a little twinkle of warmness in her eyes.  I said, “Now Jesus wants to tell you something.”  “When you pray…when you read your Bible…when you help another one in need.  That joy you feel in your heart right now is the same joy Jesus has when you do all these things and more for Him.  You put a loving smile on His face and He laughs with delight.  I said to her, “you my sister are as beautiful, lovely, and fragrant as a rose to our King!”  We hugged for a while, then I assured we would be back the following week with blessings!

Now comes the sunset on the ocean floor.

As I was shopping in Sam’s Club for this certain Mercy Ministry Day. (Our carts and pallets were overfilled with blessings.) I was checking my inventory and the Holy Spirit spoke to me, “I want you to purchase roses for my children tomorrow.”  “Father, was that You; and did I hear You right?” “Because, You know we don’t have it in our budget for roses.”  He said, “buy one for everyone.” “Ok Jesus, You know we are talking about somewhere in the ballpark of 500 long stemmed roses!”  Then He said very clearly and without mistake, “you buy them, personally, with Steven and your check book.”  I was quivering now…I thought about reminding Him of our skimpy account, but there was no need to explain our circumstance, Jesus already knew it.

Over the course of years serving our Great and Awe-inspiring Yahweh, we know that when He has an idea…great and mighty things are about to take place.  Lives will never be the same, nor will mine.

The smell of 42 dozen roses permeated the van with the aroma of Heaven.  I was like a little girl at Christmas, we couldn’t wait to start handing them out.  We had so many different colors it was simply gorgeous!  We had our service.  The Mexican Pastor explained the message of the roses.  What a joy!  What an honor!  My team and I watched the folks leave with bundles of love and a rose pressed against their noses with tears of hope and joy on their faces.  God loves them so much, He kissed their faces with His beauty from His Garden of Compassion!  And, yes, she received her rose…one or…

These folks had another happy ending.  The government gave them all a piece of land to re-build their lives with.  Better place than they had before!  Out of the ashes comes Beauty from His Hand!

Philippines 4:8 Finally, family, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good report, if there is any excellence and if anything is worthy of praise, let your mind dwell on these things.   The things you have learned, received, heard and seen in me, practice these things; and the God of peace shall always be with you!

Whether we realize it or not, our lives and our compassion become life-preservers for others, who need the same hope we’ve found.  The Father asked me, many years ago to be a “Prisoner of Hope”.  How about you?  Please never forget how; Beautiful, Handsome you are.  Stop multi-tasking and watch the sunsets or any joy that comes across your path during your crazy lives.  Soak it in…feel the peace that comes across your soul…then feel the Heart of our Awesome Father toward you, because of your affections to bring Hope to His children!

Please take time to check out our web page, www.tapestriesoflife.com Great progress has been completed on “Casa de los Gemas”

Love Ya,