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From Interstate 10 in El Paso, Texas, a quick look to the south reveals the stark contrast beween America’s peace and prosperity and the violence and poverty of the Third World. Ciudad Juárez, Mexico: A three-year drug war, corruption and criminal gangs have made this city of 1.8 million people one of the most dangerous places in the world.

Beyond the thousands of dead are their surviving children who are left with no natural parents. Without basic needs and a positive adult influence, these children face a bleak future. Some are pressured to enter the same drug trade that killed their parents, while some find their way into sex trafficking, or, at the very least, homelessness.

The need can seem overwhelming, but we are undeterred.

Since 1987, Tapestries of Life has been a constant presence in many Border communities–feeding, educating and rescuing children to the glory of God.  Today, we are close to finishing what will be the most effective tool in setting a child’s future on a new course.

*50,000 square feet

*200+ capacity full room and board

*Bathrooms in each room


*30 foot indoor waterfall

We have invested $6 million and thousands of personnel-hours from hundreds of work teams–not merely to provide a basic shelter. These children have seen the worst the world has to offer. We are determined to give them the best that God has to offer. So we are building them

A mansion fit for a king.

In addition to a first-class home, each child will be impacted by the gospel in action. They will be fed, educated, restored and, most of all, protected from the perils of the streets of Ciudad Juárez.  There exists no other facility like ours in this region!

Real and permanent good

You now have an opportunity to help us bring the children home. The Mexican government has committed to fill our facility with children once our cafeteria is complete! To make it happen, we need financial resources and work teams to help us finish construction.

With your help, hundreds of children will begin the turnaround in their life’s story.